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The Territory


The territory of AFP ( Piemonte Folk Association) extends between Mount Rosa and the sources of river Tanaro, Ticino Valley and the sources of river Po on Mount Monviso, Gran Paradiso and Curone Valley: it is the whole region.

Each of the associated groups belongs to Piemonte area, that, like a mother, with a genetic inheritance which is characterized by its history, is enriched every time that a fragment of tradition or of folk culture is proposed. And every time a new emotion fills our hearts.

Dances, songs, tales and sketches : it doesn’t matter whether they come from mountain pastures ,from the valleys that lead to the Po river or from the planes marked by the river and its affluents, all of them tell about an ancient and noble people. Reluctant but hospitable, Piemonte has always received refugees looking for freedom or poor people trying their own fortune with open arms, allowing them all to become part of its society and to live and experience their customs without abandoning its own ones. When mercenaries or foreigners came on our paths, it happened that our peoples suffered oppression and hardship but, every time, they were able to set themselves free and to conquer their own dignity again. This Land hasn’t always been generous with her children that, in exchange, have shown Her their love and paid high with hard sacrifices. So, like a strict Mother that leaves nothing to Chance and trains her children to get off in life, our Land has shared her own treasures with her children.

Today we know these treasures very well: it is our fairy tale landscapes and ancient jobs that have generated modern and profit-bearing professions. It is our poor food, fruit of our peasants’ hard work that today have become deliciousness in popular restaurants and typical trattorias. It is our fine wines ,that descend from the ones of ancient Rome, that were selected and renewed to satisfy modern people. It is our own people that live here, that love this Land and impassion when they hear about the history, the traditions and the folk culture of our Piemonte.